VDT wins awards, two for people who don’t work there anymore

VDT fourth in class in newspaper AP Georgia awards, half for people who don’t work there anymore.

VDT today, Times wins AP awards; I’ve added some links and notes in [square brackets]:

The Valdosta Daily Times won several awards at the recent Georgia Associated Press Managing Editors Newspaper Awards luncheon in Atlanta.

Former Times’ reporter Jason Schaefer received a First Place in Deadline Reporting award for his story on homeless individuals in 2012. [“Life on Hard Ground”, which apparently is not online, but apparently was published on paper 3 December 2012.]

Former news photographer Paul Leavy won a Third Place Award in Photography for his photo of a meth lab arrest at a local motel. [For Tip leads to meth lab raid 27 January 2012, by another former reporter, David Rodock.]

This is the first admission I’ve seen that Jason Schaefer doesn’t work there anymore, even though his byline hasn’t appeared since his last story on homeless people, 3 July 2013.

Kay Harris also won two awards, for feature “Paging Dr. Mom” 30 March 2012, and for editorials “Newer not always better” 24 September 2013 and “Is Valdosta really one of the poorest?” 18 October 2012, the one that started the feud between the Chamber and the VDT about which was the most negative So that’s four total for the VDT.

Meanwhile, the Statesboro Herald and Covington News each won 13, according to AP in AJC 13 July 2013, Georgia APME Newspaper Award Winners. That was for circulation less than 10,000, and not many others were competing.

In the VDT’s class, circulation between 10,000 and 40,000, The Times (Gainesville) and the Athens Banner-Herald each won 17, Marietta Daily Journal won 9, Rockdale Citizen won 1.

So apparently the VDT came in second last in its class, and has lost its award-winning reporter and its award-winning photographer.