Thanks for a boat ramp & a new community center –Kristofer Graham, Naylor

Received yesterday. -jsq

State Park style trash can I just want to take a min of my time & thank you all the Lowndes county commissioners for Consideration of Proposed List for a boat ramp & a new community center in our community. This mean a lot to our community & our surrounding counties. It’s a good asset to Lowndes county. Lowndes County needs public access to the beautiful scenic Alapaha River as residents have enjoyed the river for generations. Now our community will have something to cherish for generations & more generations to come. I hope the community will come together.

concrete style picnic table Now for the ideas, we need the State Park style trash can. Because it keep the animals out of it & they need to be bolted down on some concrete slab so if the river flood the trash can won’t go down the river. We all so need some nice concrete picnic table. It be nice if y’all can but some state park style grills because i believe it be more safer & more convenient to have.

State Park style grills The only thing I am concern about is the bad people that might come down there. I think it need to be patrol for a few months so they know not to come down there. Because our community don’t won’t to lose this beautiful place that are kids & there kids can enjoy and cherish.

Have a great day!!! :)

-Kristofer Graham, Naylor

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