CALL TO ARMS –James Wright @ VCC 2013-07-11

Received a few minutes ago. -jsq

A call to arms, I wanted to share with you a e-mail I received from Nolan Cox. I find his message offensive and seem as if he has a real issue with low income residents. It would mean a lot if you can make it to the Council meeting (5:30 p.m.) as I plan to address this during Council Comments and hope that we can get input from the community regarding this statement below. Your presence will help us get the point across that our community mean something.

I have also included my response to Mr. Cox

Nolan Cox- Tea Party/Republican Party President

“As I listened to your discussion at the City Council work session about the “need” to give away $800,000 of taxpayer’s money through the Federal Home Loan Bank Program grant, I was thinking that only about half of Americans pay federal income taxes, and 43% of every federal dollar spent is borrowed, with the interest on the nation’s $17 trillion debt soon to be larger than the nation’s defense budget. Defense spending is a legitimate constitutional function of the federal government, but repairing houses, like most welfare giveaway programs, is not a legitimate function of government—local or federal. Seeing that the city gets 20% of the money in administrative fees ($160,000), I understand your urgency. Off-budget money provides a lot of flexibility in spending. So often, giveaway programs are there to buy votes from the uninformed and keep politicians in office. I think it is shameful and immoral for the city council to even apply for such federal grant money, knowing our nation is bankrupt in a recession and knowing our grandchildren will repay the loans. Dad, everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?”

My response

“Nolan, I would be very interested in how you propose we deal with the housing issue? Secondly, I do believe this is a loan but a grant. I have family who live in housing project. They are not their by choice. My family who live in the areas are their because our land was taken/stolen and their husbands passed away.

I have documents to support my statements, how do we correct this wrong.” (James R. Wright)


Councilmember James Wright
Valdosta City Council, District 1
City Of Valdosta
P.O. Box 1125
216 E. Central Ave.
Valdosta, GA 31603 Valdosta…A City Without Limits

I’m pretty sure it’s Nolen Cox, that he’s no longer the president of the local Republican Party, and I think some of this dollar figures are questionable, but I have posted the letters from Council Wright and Nolen Cox exactly as I received them.