More new nukes to stop: Vogtle, Summer, and 15 more

Although TVA’s Bellefonte nuke will never come up, others are still being built, including TVA’s own Watts Bar, plus 19 more.

Document-forging Doosan-supplied Vogtle 2 and 3 in Georgia and Summer 2 and 3 in South Carolina are the only four actually already issued combined licences (COL) to build and operate.

But 15 other proposed new reactors are “Under Review”, and all the ones in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are within 500 miles of here:

  • Florida: Levy County 1 and 2, Turkey Point 6 and 7,
  • South Carolina: William States Lee III 1 and 2.
  • Virginia: North Anna 3,
  • Maryland: Calvert Cliffs 3 (why is this still marked “Under Review” after NRC denied it a COL?),
  • Pennsylvania: Bell Bend
  • Ohio: Fermi 3
  • Texas: Comanche Peak 3 and 4, South Texas Nuclear Project 3 and 4 (Update 17 June 2013: why are STNP 3 and 4 still marked as “Under Review” when NRC denied them a COL in April 2013?)

Watts Bar in Tennessee isn’t in that list, because it’s listed as a reactivation. Tricky NRC!

And beware of the nine others marked as “Suspended”. That’s not the same as cancelled.

How about if we cancel them all, and also quit the dead end of natural gas, and get on with distributed solar and wind power for real renewable clean energy and jobs?


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