Solar rooftops in a New Orleans neighborhood

Want people to get rooftop solar? Put solar on rooftops where people can see it. Cities and power companies and even NGOs like Habitat for Humanity can help with that.

Andri Antoniades wrote for 10 November 2012, Katrina-Ravaged Neighborhood Reemerges as ‘Largest Solar Housing Development in Southeast’: The former St. Thomas Housing Projects are reborn into a square mile of solar-powered homes,

The St. Thomas Housing Project in New Orleans used to be known best as a high-crime area, until Hurricane Katrina swept it it all away. But seven years after the fact, St. Thomas has been reborn as the mixed-income River Garden Apartments, which has once again gained notoriety, but this time as the “largest solar neighborhood in the Southeast.”

The River Garden Apartments encompass eight blocks that cover about one square mile of New Orleans. The brightly colored homes are topped with solar panels and according to Clean Technica, the development is Louisiana’s largest solar project to date.

And also in Oakland, California:

In order to bridge the gap between some much-needed shelter and sustainable building practices, California’s PG&E and Habitat for Humanity are currently building a 12-unit low-income housing development which will also be powered by solar energy. The project is part of PG&E’s Solar Habitat Program, which funds the full cost of solar PV systems on every Habitat-built house in the area.

Hm, we could do that here. Over in Brooks County near Quitman, there’s already something almost like that. In Savannah, Sustainable Fellwood is even more like that. The quickest way to get people to see rooftop solar is possible is to put it on rooftops where everybody can see.


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