Why must the small business owner be discarded? —Deep South Sanitation

Cary Scarborough, owner of a local sanitation business, previously asked the Commission not to grant a monopoly on waste collection. He was quoted in today’s VDT article, and he has elaborated on his company’s facebook page.

To the Commission, 13 November 2012:

Don’t do this to private enterprise, to an individual. If it’s done to me, it will get easier later down the road to do it to someone else.

In the VDT:

“I have not been told by the County that what I’m doing is illegal,” Scarborough said. “But I realize they’ve drawn up an ordinance, and they’re probably going to say that it’s illegal. If they come after me, I guess they have to come after me.”

Scarborough believes that if the citizens aren’t required to contract with Advanced Disposal, they are then allowed to choose.

“If the citizens can choose, why can’t they choose me?” he said.

On Deep South Sanitation’s public facebook page:


With no disrespect to any County Officials, we would like to voice our concerns as well about the issue of garbage collection in Lowndes County such as they have done in the Valdosta Daily Times. We were sold a business license to operate a garbage pick up service by Lowndes County in October 2011. Then one year later, after we invested everything we have into our local, family owned and operated company, we read in the Valdosta Daily Times that beginning February 1, 2013 there will be only one garbage collector allowed to pick up garbage in the unincorporated areas of Lowndes County. The County decided to close all of the dump sites and enter into an agreement with Advanced Disposal (Largest private owned waste disposal company in the US) to be the sole provider of curbside garbage pick up. There “was” a choice for the ordinance to be exclusive OR non-exclusive and the choice was made to be exclusive. Why must the small business owner be discarded as not important to Lowndes County? DEEP SOUTH SANITATION “will” remain in business as usual. We do not feel as though we are operating illegally according to the Constitution of the United States of America. We appreciate the support of the community that we are recieving. God bless you all. Please “like” our comment to show your support for small family owned businesses in Lowndes County!!

Unlike the “representatives” unearthed by the VDT in today’s article, Cary Scarborough is willing to put his name by his position.