Video playlist @ LCC 2012-11-12

The Lowndes County Commission invited a developer to speak about his proposed rezoning at a Work Session without inviting any opposition to speak. Plus another rezoning, a proposed solid waste ordinance with exclusive franchise agreement, and proposed appointments to five boards and authorities. And at the end an animal event report.

Here’s a video playlist:

Video playlist
Work Session, Lowndes County Commission (LCC),
Videos by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 12 November 2012.

Here’s the agenda again, this time with links to the videos plus a few notes.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
  4. Minutes for Approval
    1. Work Session — October 22, 2012
    2. Regular Session — October 23, 2012
  5. Resolution appointing the Lowndes County Legislative Coordinator

    ACCG asked for a designated legislative contact. Last year it was the County Clerk. County Manager Joe Pritchard recommended reappointing County Clerk Paige Dukes.

  6. Appointments
    1. Valdosta/Lowndes County Zoning Board of Appeals

      David Kirk is moving; need a replacement. No recommendations received. Architectural or construction background preferred by ZBOA.

    2. Valdosta/Lowndes County Conference Center and Tourism Authority

      Two appointments: David Motley’s term is up; recommended for reappointment. Presumably that’s the same David B. Motley who was an investor in Wild Adventures. Greg Charbeneau has relocated and recommended a Mr. Montgomery who has previously served, both associated with Wild Adventures. Presumably that’s Robert “Bob” Montgomery, Wild Adventures General Manager. They only just appointed Charbeneau this January.

    3. Greater Lowndes Planning Commission

      Two openings: Bill Slaughter’s term expires at the end of the year and John Page has resigned. Names recommended included Gary Moser, Jody Hall, and Franklin Bailey of the Homebuilders Association. Page announced his resignation in Citizens Wishing to Be Heard in the 11 September 2012 LCC Regular Session. He recommended Jody Hall to replace him. That was also Pritchard’s recommendation.

    4. Lowndes County Industrial Authority

      Yes, it’s VLCIA, although the name in the agenda wasn’t clear. Mary Gooding’s term expires at the end of the year; recommendation is to reappoint her.

    5. Lowndes County Development Authority

      Pritchard emphasized that this was a separate authority from the Industrial Authority. Four terms expire November or December: Buz Akins, Jerome Tucker, Jeff Reames, and Gary Buchanan. Recommendation is to reappoint Mr. Reames, Buchanan, and Tucker and to appoint Mr. ? Brooks in place of Buz Akins. This was apparently all spelled out in a letter from a Mr. Holland. Presumably that’s William E. Holland, Attorney, which we only know because of the state Department of Community Affairs (DCA), not because of the county that appoints people to this board. Presumably Jeff Reames is the one who owns Reames Concrete Company. So the new LCDA board would be: Jerome Tucker, Jerome Waters, Carolyn Eager, Crawford Powell, Jeff Reames, Gary Cannon, Mr. Brooks.

  7. Public Hearings
    1. REZ-2012-16 Cook Co Land Ventures, 5998 Hwy 122 E. E-A to C-C, Community Well & Septic, 085 acres

      They said the biggest concern was there shouldn’t be a liquor store there.

    2. REZ-2012-17 Lowndes Development, LLC, Davidson Rd MAZ II and MAZ III to R-10, County Water & Sewer, ~23.49 acres

      2500-3000 feet from Moody AFB, which thus had to be notified, and responded (in letters in packet). Chairman asked developer to come forward and speak. Developer identified himself as Clint Joyner, 4732 Misty Valley Circle, he looks like the Clint Joyner of ERA Joyner Realty. He claimed personnel at Moody AFB wanted this development for affordable housing. No opponents of the development were asked to speak. Does that seem right to you?

  8. For Consideration
    1. Solid Waste Ordinance & Exclusive Franchise Agreement

      Solid waste ordinance and franchise agreement. They talked to attorneys; few changes. Smaller recycling cart: 95 to 65 gallons; slightly lower price, $12.80/month. “additional page 5” marked in red “self-insured”. No outlet for burning yard waste not collected. Pritchard said burn ordinance would apply.

    2. Section 125 Plan Document Renewal for 2013

      Pre-tax deducations for qualitifed health plans, group-term life insurance, etc.

    3. IRS Required Retirement Plan Amendment

      Amendments to comply with federal law.

    4. Paging System for Lowndes County Fire Rescue

      FCC ordered narrowbanding of all systems in use. New system needed, $115,417. Will also provide paging for the local cities on a cost-share basis, per number of pagers.

  9. Reports-County Manager

    Subaru sponsored microchipping, Paige Dukes reported. Pritchard asked for an executive session for discussion of real estate. They adjourned into that.

  10. Citizens Wishing to be Heard Please State Name And Address

    That’s only at the Regular Session.