Solar and broadband are good for the economy and for PR

When the Industrial Authority came out for solar and broadband WCTV noticed. It seems solar and broadband are good not only in themselves, but also for good PR for the community. PR that might attract the kinds of businesses the Industrial Authority is looking for.

WCTV wrote 9 September 2012, Solar Power and Broadband Internet Could Boost Local Job Growth,

The Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority has put a spot light on solar power and broadband internet. That’s according to a new analysis of regional businesses and employment. They say it will be a way to generate job growth going forward. Many in the community agree.

Valdosta Resident Mark Yates said “if they could bring those all in, it would be great for the economy and bring a lot of jobs for a lot of people in town here.”

That’s how Saginaw, Michigan, attracted that second Suniva plant away from Georgia: it has a plan for solar industry and it gets it in the news. Way better than worrying what Albany thinks, don’t you think?

By the way, Saginaw also goes for wind manufacturing jobs, and we already have one wind manufacturing business right here; more on that later.

It sure would be good if the Industrial Authority, with its 1 mil tax rate or almost $3 million a year, could succeed in attracting some jobs here:

The Industrial Authority also release d poverty rates during the 2000 to 2010 decade in the Valdosta Metropolitan Area. The poverty rate increased from roughly 18% in 2000, to nearly 24% in 2010. It also said that child poverty increased from roughly 24% to nearly 32%.

Secrecy is not the way; with that all they got was nibbles for pollution and a private prison, and even Sterling’s biomass plant and CCA’s private prison did not locate here (fortunately!). Having a plan is an opportunity to do a lot better.

The Industrial Authority is currently in the process of trying to entice solar and broadband companies to move to Valdosta.

Yay Industrial Authority!