Sewage problems in Quitman

Pipes In Quitman, several people told LAKE about an extensive sewage problem on the south side of town. At one house we were told that she had been having problems for 13 years. She said the city told her to lift up her pipes, which she did. Yet sewage still makes a pit in her yard, which she has covered with tin; you can see the pit under there.

Tin Lifting up the tin

When she uses her plumbing, sewage backs up inside the house. The city sent a jail inmate to spread a big sub of pine-sol to hide the smell, but did nothing to fix the problem, she said.

Under the house No grass

Backs up inside the house I asked her if it was like that at the mayor’s house. “No!” she said.

See for yourself, in the video playlist. Does this seem right to you?

Sewage problem in Quitman
Videos by John S. Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia, 28 September 2012.

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