Adding another charter school authorizer reduces academic learning —Karen Noll

Received today on Georgia charter schools do no better than traditional public schools. -jsq

The Stanford study, Multiple Choice: Charter school performance in 16 states (p. 4), also found that multiple authorizers:

Figure 15: Charter School Effect of Policy Variables

States that empower multiple entities to act as charter school authorizers realize significantly lower growth in academic learning in their students, on the order of -.08 standard deviations.

Currently we have the local boards of education that authorize charter schools at a very high rate, 94%. If the charter is not approved by the local board then they can appeal to the Dept of Ed. For approval. So, by adding another authorizer in the form of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL charter school commission you simply reduce the academic learning of the students! This is not about education this amendment is about the money earned by some to keep power! Our constitution states that we have an obligation to provide free quality education to all Georgians. We have no obligation to line the pockets of the rich with our tax dollars!

-Karen Noll