Democrats and Tea Party: both against charter school amendment

In the same month, both the Lowndes County Democratic Party and the Valdosta Tea Party had speakers explaining how bad the charter school amendment is. Neither group took a vote, but it seemed pretty clear most of the attendees at both meetings were against that referendum on the November ballot, and mostly for the same reason: nobody wants an unelected state committee taking away local control and local tax revenue. Parental choice is one thing, and charter schools are another, but nobody seemed to like Atlanta taking away local control.

As the PAGE slides say,

This isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican debate. Legislators voted across party lines to put the constitutional amendment on the ballot. Republican and Democrat voters must defeat it together.

You can watch for yourself. Here are the two presentations:

If you don’t want Atlanta taking away our educational control and local tax dollars, vote No on the charter school amendment in November.


One thought on “Democrats and Tea Party: both against charter school amendment

  1. steve willis

    Charter Schools are like lifeboats for 5% or 10% of the people on a sinking ocean liner. And the first people to abandon ship are the very ones who should be keeping the ship from sinking in the first place. Lord knows Georgia needs better education, but pitting students and parents against each other, especially in grades k-8, is the worst of options. steve willis

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