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As its closing argument for SPLOST VII, library bookshelves the VDT argued that the library has bees in its brick walls. Sure and we need a new library. But they didn’t address any of the questions about the Five Points out-of-state architect plan for a new library or about the process by which that plan was produced.

Jason Schaefer write for the VDT 14 October 2012, SPLOST to solve aging library’s problems with modern building,

Plainly speaking, the South Georgia Regional Library is in bad shape. Half of the red-brick building was constructed in 1966, and the other in 1995.

Walking in, the atmosphere seems stuffy and archaic — stained ceiling tiles and old carpet, color-neutral walls and little decoration.

The wiring intended to service the computers is buried in the floor and unable to meet current internet standards, and the machines—35 to process 7,000 logins a month—are all clustered together in one area.

The HVAC system is antiquated, riddled with patches and still slowly disintegrating, and replacement of the system would cost upward of $2 million.

This and their other points are all true, and although I haven’t seen them, I have no doubt this is true, too:

To reiterate: there are honeybees living in the brick walls of the library.

But this article doesn’t even bring in the advantages to the community in selling the current library lot to SGMC so the hospital can expand.

Me, I plan to vote for SPLOST VII. But if an emotional appeal with no explanation of the new library plan and not even much explanation of why a public library is a public good (you don’t have to sell me on that, but apparently some people around here don’t get that) is the best the VDT can do to sell the library plan in SPLOST VII, I won’t be surprised if it loses.

And this part is only partly true:

If SPLOST doesn’t pass, the library will continue operating as-is: inefficiently, using the limited space and aged systems as best as possible.

Until a new SPLOST VII referendum is proposed next year, perhaps with better explanations of better plans for a library.


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  1. Barbara Stratton

    Thanks for bringing up the question of selling the current library to SGMC. I tried to follow your link & did not see any reference on the page it brought up. I personally have been wondering why the taxpayers are not privy to any discussions of SGMC purchasing the property. Since SGMC has already purchased the adjoining properties, effectively land locking the current library, I would think the library board would have quite a bit of leverage toward negotiating price & we the taxpayers have a right to know what is transpiring between them. Everyone I have questioned states they cannot find out any information about proposed SGMC/library negotiations or discussions. Thankfully LAKE does a lot to solicit transparency within local government entities & boards. I for one am tired of seeing said transparency be a constant source of tension. No one should have to constantly work to elicit information that should be readily available. I personally will not vote for SPLOST VII or any other proposed tax until I see local government become more accountable to taxpayers. SPLOST VII needs to die so a more responsible proposal can be presented. We complain about the federal government not balancing the budget, yet local government entities seem intent on devising lists littered with wants instead of focusing on needs as if the economy is thriving. I am an avid library supporter, but I’m not willing to blindly accept the current library board (or boards) opaque tax payer liability assignments.

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