WCTV T-SPLOST pro and con, 27 July 2012

Greg Gullberg has updated his WCTV story about T-SPLOST with a new video, this time interviewing private citizen John Gayle (for T-SPLOST) sitting at the Valdosta Mayor’s desk, Gretchen Quarterman (against T-SPLOST) at the Lowndes County Extension Office, and some other people.

Vote No T-SPLOST 31 July 2012The major issue driving people to the polls and dividing them is the TSPLOST Transportation tax. The TSPLOST Transportation Tax is a hot issue here in Georgia.. because it effects everybody. Organizers say with an extra penny of sales tax—when you add all those pennies up over the next ten years— that could be almost 20-billion dollars for the state. One side says it will ease your troubled commute. The other says the measure is so flawed it won’t really help at all.

Another excerpt:

John Gayle is for T-SPLOST Valdosta Mayor John Gayle says all those pennies can do a lot of good in the Azalea City. He speaks to us as a private citizen and not as mayor.

“I think it’s a good thing. Valdosta’s been the fastest growing city in the state now for 10 years. And we’ve got to keep up our roads and our streets. This is a way of taxing the people a fair tax that will provide us with the money we need to make the kinds of additions we need here in Valdosta.”

Gretchen Quarterman says No T-SPLOST But others disagree. Gretchen Quarterman at the Lowndes County Extension Office, says there are better ways to improve transportation:

“If we had a bus system or a train system or an upgrade to our airport… Those would be projects which would be beneficial to all people in our community and in fact the whole entire region.”

One more:

Now early voting has been very strong for a primary. As of last night nearly 3,900 have voted.

Today’s the last day of early voting. Vote today, or vote Tuesday.

Here’s the video.