Waste disposal decided at stealth Lowndes County Commission meeting? @ LCC 2012-06-04

On today's Work Session agenda, the cancelled 21 May Work Session and 22 May Regular Session are mentioned, but not an unscheduled 4 June 2012 Lowndes County Commission meeting. There is no agenda for it online. It's not in their online calendar, either.

We know about this meeting because of a story by David Rodock in the VDT 5 June 2012, Commission reviews budget proposal,

Commissioners met briefly Monday morning to review the 2013 county budget proposal, which addresses waste management and cost of living increases for county employees.

The whole story is well worth reading, especially since it seems to be the only public record of that public "open" meeting. It includes this paragraph:

“Commissioners also plan to outsource waste management services to a private contractor in the next year. Currently, county residents purchase a card for $100 that allows for annual usage at collection centers. This year, citizens will be able to purchase a six-month card for $50. No firm commitment has been made concerning when the waste management Request for Proposals will be issued, but it's expected before the year's end.”

When did the Commissioners decide this? There's been no such vote recorded in any minutes I've seen. Did they vote at this unannounced and unminuted meeting? If not then, when did they?