Fresh Kills Landfill Solar Farm

New York City’s new wind and solar farm will be a dump.

Mathias wrote for Cleantechnica 22 March 2012, NYC to Build Wind and Solar Farm on Old Dump Site,

Who would know that an old garbage dump at Staten Island in New York City would house 20 MW of renewable power? If they succeed with their plans, “Fresh Kills landfill” will be transformed into a combined solar and wind farm that could generate enough electricity to power 6,000 average American households!

The old landfill has serviced the city for 53 years, and taken care of a whopping two billion tons of thrash, before closing early in 2011.

Sounding like a mayor from Texas with a vision,

Last week, Deputy Mayor Holloway stated the following about the project:

“New York City needs energy to keep it running, and we want that power to be reliable, clean, and affordable. Renewable energy is the most sustainable kind, and under Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership we’re maximizing the use of City assets to develop as much capacity as possible.”

About Cas Holloway in another forum, Tara MacIsaac wrote for Epoch Times 24 February 2012, Quality of Life in NYC, Looking Ahead: Considering the future of energy, safety, and diversity,

…macro-policy gets bogged down in the regulatory process. He recognizes, nonetheless, the necessity of having community involvement….

Do we have any local leaders who are finished fiddling with sign ordinances and are interested in bigger issues?

“Why do people want to live here? Because it’s clean, and it’s safe, and there are good schools and good parks, because the city runs, and it is well-funded,” said Holloway.

His first keyword: clean. As in not based on dirty industry. As in promotes clean renewable energy.

While we’re waiting for the local cities and the county to lead, got land, rooftops, or parking lots you can’t use for anything else? Try solar and profit!