This is what a mayor with vision sounds like

Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio speaks at 44:25 about
…the nexus between sustainability and job creation. Every now and then, perhaps once in a generation, there presents itself a moment, an opportunity, for those cities that are willing to seize it, to truly benefit the region for generations to come.
Here’s the video:

He doesn’t take all the credit; he has the city council stand up and he recognizes the city manager, along with the previous mayor and a long list of other people. He credits former mayor Henry Cisneros with starting thinking about:

Linking our inherent assets with job creation and the creation of opportunity.
Kind of like what Ben Copeland recommended for our area.

As Mayor Castro said:

Our dreams for or city can no longer be small. They must be big. But not just big dreams in terms of job creation. But also in that component that has has been so lacking over the generations… high end research. And as well we’ll see a tremendous benefit to our environment. It’s the combination of those things that truly makes this special and unique. San Antonio it can be said today is not a follower, but a leader.
Then he thanked both nonprofits and the business community and still more people.

The opportunity presents itself for Valdosta and Lowndes County to truly benefit south Georgia for generations to come, by turning away from fossil fuels and towards solar and wind, producing jobs, improving health, and a sustainable economy. Who will help seize this opportunity?