Questions for CUEE —Etta Mims

Received today.
Updated 5PM 28 Sep 2011: Added preface and other changes to the document by Etta Mims. -jsq
I am attaching an 8 page document I compiled this week to show that CUEE and the Vote Yes supporters are not answering the questions being asked of them. They are dancing around the topics but these supporters are spending alot of money to put our children and the employees of both schools in danger of 4-5 years minimum of changes that will be detrimental to all concerned.

Another interesting note, if you go to the Vote Yes page, and

click on the facts vs myths button, the page that comes up has a very interesting web address. I’m including the link below.

Please use as much information from this attachment as you can. There is much at stake here. CUEE has the money to pay for this to actually pass. This should alarm everyone.

Thank you for listening:)
Etta Mims

The document she attached is on the LAKE web pages.