John Fretti resigned as mayor Tuesday, or, Roy Taylor got his way

Doubtless everyone knows this already, since the VDT and others have covered it well, including his guilty plea, the VDT’s call for him to resign, and his resignation. Here is John Fretti’s press release announcing his resignation. It seems appropriate that he sent it to News Talk 105.9 FM, where he so frequently appeared.

Personally, I thought he was not all that bad as mayor, even though he never did anything I asked him to. Given that I don’t even live in Valdosta, there is of course no reason that he should have, and he was always courteous when I appeared before the Valdosta City Council or met him elsewhere. Yes, I am well aware of many of the downsides, many of which I have written about in this blog, and Valdosta can do better.

If Valdosta is going to do better, somebody better needs to run. That’s why at the moment I’d prefer to write about the open race for mayor: qualifying is still open today and tomorrow (see next post).

I will say that whoever wins I hope will have less of this attitude:

“If they don’t say they’re against it, they’re for it.”
I think all citizens, but especially elected officials, should be willing to say what they’re for.

If people around here are too frightened to do so, then we’ve got a much bigger problem than who is mayor of Valdosta.


2 thoughts on “John Fretti resigned as mayor Tuesday, or, Roy Taylor got his way

  1. Barbara Stratton

    The quote used in your post was from a radio interview with the ex mayor, which I heard live when he was asked where he got the statistics that a majority of citizens were for the biomass. (Again, I had no dog in that fight.) The important thing to note is that type of thinking is classic UN Agenda 21 consensus by their definition & it is chilling to find our local elected officials using their terminology. The other thing to note is citizens better start coming to public meetings & letting their opinions be known because by not being in attendence and/or not voicing disagreement you automatically become a statistic for agreement by the new UN Agenda 21 rules of consensus.

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