“about as fruitful as trying to squeeze information out of the Kremlin”

Which organization was this judge referring to?
Schuster told the directors that he thought [that organization] was supplying “vague” information and he directed that henceforth the sides meet monthly in his office for updates on the liquidation process. In short, Schuster is learning first hand — just like members, the media and the public at large have learned — that prying information out of [that organization] is usually about as fruitful as trying to squeeze information out of the Kremlin.
No, not that city council! No, not that county commission! Not even the state board of corrections. (Although some of them might want to try that bureaucratic shoe on to see if it fits.) Here’s who:

SEVERAL COURTHOUSE OBSERVERS say they cannot remember a judicial tongue lashing like the one Cobb Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster dished out to the Cobb EMC board of directors before a packed courtroom on Friday. Although he spoke in modulated tones, Schuster essentially read the riot act to the controversial directors — many of whom seemed clearly annoyed at having to be there in the first place.

“There were a couple of them rolling their eyes like teenagers at what the judge was saying,” said one onlooker.

Because, you know, they are the old boys, and he’s not.

Story by Otis Brumby, Bill Kinney, and Joe Kirby for MDJonline.com, 15 August 2011, Judge read Cobb EMC directors … ‘The Riot Act’

That organization is the same Cobb EMC that wants to build a coal plant in Ben Hill County, only about sixty miles north of here. About as close as the Okefenokee, which sends its smoke our way on many days. Except a baseload coal plant would be pumping out pollution and CO2 24/7 every year.

Do we want some old boys from Atlanta to pollute our air?

For that matter, do we want some old boys from here to pollute our air or build a private prison?

Wait, I’m pretty sure this is video of a recent Cobb EMC meeting. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong about that….