30 jail deaths since 1994 to 2009 —George Boston Rhynes

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Churches and pastors need to view this video and see about these animals. That is since we read so much information about the Animal Shelter in our area about abused animals. What about these animals and the thirty deaths that no elected official, church, human being or orgnzations seem to care about.

Did you know that Valdosta-Lowndes County Jail is leading the State of Georgia in Jail Deaths for whatever reason. Yet, no one is talking about these people many of whom are military veterans that served their nation. So where is the humanity to man?

Yes, we have had 30 jail deaths since 1994 to 2009 and not the Lowndes County Attorney has put it in a letter in so many words

that the Valdosta-Lowndes County Sheriffs Department is not subject to the Georgia Open Records Act. Therefore, local citizens does not have a right or need to know just how many jail deaths have actually ocurred i our jail. How sad? But then again, who really cares about these below level animals as many local reverse followers of the Messiah Jesus. The one that many of us; proclaim to be following in our attenpt to gain access into the hearafter. Peace, love and real understanding.

-George Boston Rhynes

A Chorus of Fear