Google says delaying solar will cost U.S. millions of jobs

If it’s true for the country, it’s true for south Georgia. So moving ahead with solar will gain jobs.

David Worthington wrote for smartplanet 28 June 2011, Google: delay on renewables will cost U.S. trillions, over million jobs:

Google has published an analysis of the economic benefits of renewable energy innovation. It has concluded that even a five year lapse without a national clean energy policy would cost the United States an aggregate US$2.3-3.2 trillion in unrealized GDP gains and 1.2-1.4 million net jobs.
The study was about renewable energy in general, but:
Google concluded that the first renewable energy sources that become more economical than fossil fuels will win the future. General Electric recently claimed that solar power was on target toward meeting that criteria.
We’ve got plenty of sun in south Georgia. Will we wait and lose out on jobs, or lead the region?