A letter from a local physician —Dr. Noll

This comment from Dr. Noll came in today on “Because it would be monitored. -jsq
Because it would be monitored?

Our community could subsequently also “monitor” increases in respiratory illnesses, cancer rates, cardiovascular diseases, and mortality rates. Just ask the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association.

This is incredible. A city council member who still hides behind an EPD air permit, and who chooses to ignore the testimony of thousands of medical professionals throughout the United States. At the same time, we have a City Council that continues to isolate itself from its citizens with a policy that undermines open dialogue.

The continued silence of our City Council and Mayor in regard to biomass is mind-boggling. Haven’t they noticed the developments of the past couple months? The regular protests? Hundreds and hundreds of signatures and voices in opposition to biomass? Ashley Paulk’s statement? George Bennett’s statement? Even a statement, it appears, by Wesley Langdale who said that biomass is economically not feasible … which is something WACE stated as far back as October 2010, supported by an article from the Wall Street journal called “(Bio)Mass Confusion”.

Dr. Mark George once asked all City Council members the following question: “What is it you still need from us, so that you understand that biomass is a bad deal”? To my knowledge that question was never answered.

Last night I shared a letter from a local physician

with the City Council and our Mayor. We already received this letter in January, yet decided not share it due to the intense political pressures at the time, to protect the individual from possible repercussions. It is time, though, that our community gets to know another courageous voice:
“I am opposed to the construction of the proposed Biomass plant in Lowndes County. The plant has many potential health concerns. This plant would release chemicals and particles into the air that would affect the respiratory health for the citizens in our community. Those most affected would be our children, the elderly and those suffering from lung disease, such as emphysema and asthma.

The long term health effects could be substantial: increased asthma attacks, cardiovascular harm and shortened life expectancy. This would result in increased physician and emergency room visits, adding to the burden of the already substantial health care costs in our state.”

Craig Bishop, D.O. (January 17, 2011)

-Michael Noll

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  1. wow

    Does Yost know more about childrens health than Dr. Craig Bishop? I hope their family pediatrician has a come-to-Jesus moment with that child’s daddy.

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