VDT on LCC last night

LAKE is thrilled when the VDT covers things so we don’t have to. David S. Rodock in his writeup in VDT this morning on yesterday’s Lowndes County Commission meeting includes this list that was not displayed in the public meeting, yet was approved by the commissioners. Car 41 No where are you?

Here’s the list:

A list of proposed projects for the upcoming T-SPLOST tax was approved by Commissioners. The projects included were:
  • widening Lake Park Bellville Road from I-75 to SR-7 and realign at SR-7 [US 41],
  • Old Quitman Road Bridge,
  • Howell Road Bridge,
  • Old 41 Widening from SR 7 [North Valdosta Road] to Union Road,
  • Old Clyattville Road Widening from I-75 to Ousley Road,
  • Shiloh Road widening and bridge replacement from Val Tech Road to Snake Nation,
  • Orr Road Extension from Skipper Bridge to Bemiss,
  • New Bethel Road widening from Lanier County to Bemiss Road,
  • SR 376 Extension from SR 31 to Old Clyattville Road,
  • Cat Creek Road Additional Lane width and turning lanes,
  • Val Del Road Additional Lane width and turning lanes,
  • acceleration and deceleration lanes at Lake Alapaha.
According to Michael Fletcher, county engineer, the total cost for these projects would be $56 million, or 9.42 percent of the estimated T-SPLOST total of $600 million.
I’ve added the bullets and the explanatory comments in square brackets [].

Some of these projects seem sensible, such as the Belleville Road one, which provides better access from I-75 to Lake Park. Others, such as widening Cat Creek Road, look like pure sprawl. There used to be some excuse for that one, when Pine Grove Elementary School was open. But that school closed last May. Widening Cat Creek Road now only promotes development farther out.

Regarding widening old US 41 North, the county didn’t succeed in getting GDOT to widen that road two years ago, so now they’re trying for part of it by a different funding method. LAKE warned people about this one a year ago when we discovered it was on the MPO Transportation Plan. This is why people need to go to MPO and other board hearings and meetings.