NOAA Weather Radios “wasteful spending” –Richard Raines

Are NOAA Weather Radios “wasteful spending”?

We’ve already seen staff present the case for about 5,000 NOAA Weather Radios at $21.50 each, paid for out of grant money. They made that case at the 8:30AM 7 Feb 2011 Lowndes County Commission Work Session.

At the regular session the next day (5:30 PM Tuesday 8 Feb 2011), citizen Nolen Cox spoke against the NOAA grant and more generally said “just say no to grants”. He also went on at some length about how he didn’t believe in climate change. Nevermind that the fifth U.S. or British board of inquiry has reconfirmed yet again that the data and analysis for climate change are solid.

EMA Director Ashley Tye summarized the case for NOAA Weather radios, according to the minutes,

stating Lowndes County had been awarded $107,500.00, in Hazard Mitigation grant funding for the purchase of 5,000 NOAA weather radios to benefit all of Lowndes County. Mr. Tye added that Alert Works had presented the low bid in the amount of $21.50 per radio.
Finally, the Commission had some discussion. According to the minutes:
Commissioner Raines thanked Mr. Tye for his efforts related to the recent recovery at Ocean Pond. Commissioner Raines added that he could not agree more with the comments of Mr. Nolen Cox and that he was interested in the money being spent on something other than radios. Commissioner Raines further stated that he was not against all grants, but that he was against wasteful spending, adding that this request presented a unique opportunity for Lowndes County to set an example. Commissioner Raines closed by saying maybe the money could be applied to teacher furloughs or to pay down some other debt.

Commissioner Raines made a motion to reject the bid and the $107,500.00 in grant funding, Commissioner Powell second.

Evans opposed, motion carried.

You can watch it for yourself:

Lowndes County Commission, 8 Feb 2011, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia.
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.