Radio theater by elected officials –George Rhynes

George Rhynes posted the appended on his blog the same day he spoke on the same subjects at the Valdosta City Council, 10 February 2011.

George Rhynes speaking at the
regular meeting of the Valdosta City Council, 10 February 2011.
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.

Excerpts from his blog post:

FOR NEARLY EIGHT YEARS; this council has been well represented; on 92.1, and 105.9 FM, Radio Station with Black Crow Media. Only by listening to these two radio stations; will VOTERS know; what will be discussed before the meeting; and what actions were taken on the issues. While the MAJORITY of VOTERS appears to be treated as zero, and it should make those politically connected feel proud.
In the previous council meeting, some council members and staff expressed concern that citizens were using council meetings for theatrics. Yet mayor and council themselves have never shyed away from theatrics such as the mayor’s State of the City speech. Two years ago at that one, “At the citizens wishing to be heard section, nobody came forward.” Council should be happy at the increased citizen input.

George continued:

Unlike those that addresses the council; but are said on radio to be:
  1. Performing theatrics.
  2. Promoting their own agenda.
  3. Political posturing.
  4. Being racially motivated.
  5. Seeking to gain financial benefits etc.,
We saw a few weeks ago that members of the County Commission and staff also use radio for their own theatrics.

George has more to say, including this:

FREEDOM of SPEECH; and of the PRESS is earned rights and traditions! That should NEVER be infringed upon—at public meetings!
He has a point.