“some opposition that has crept up” –Brad Lofton

On 6 Jan 2011, Brad Lofton made a joke out of “some opposition that has crept up” that he claims called him an “environmental racist”. He says “we just provided the facts” and “all of a sudden we haven’t heard anymore about environmental racism.”

Lofton has been misquoting like this since September. Back then he was willing to name the chairman of the local NAACP. He doesn’t mention that Leigh Touchton responded to him back then:

I did not call the Industrial Authority an environmental racist. What I stated quite clearly was that the siting of the Biomass Incinerator in a predominantly black neighborhood constitutes environmental racism.
In her response, she went on to rebut Lofton’s alleged facts. He has never to my knowledge responded to the points Touchton raised in her rebuttal. Instead, he goes around making a joke out of the NAACP.


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  1. Look It Up

    Please visit the NAACP website http://www.valdostanaacp.com. The Southside Community is listed as an environmental justice community on the EPA website devoted to this issue. The Georgia State Conference of the NAACP has signed onto a petition of redress to EPA which includes this issue re: the Valdosta biomass incinerator. If Mr. Lofton cannot understand this concept then perhaps he needs to refrain from speaking on it because making accusations of “they called me a name” is untrue and unprofessional.

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