Seth Gunning LTE in the VDT

This is the text of Seth Gunning’s letter to the editor that the Valdosta Daily Times printed on 20 Dec 2010. Here’s video of the referenced air quality permit hearing. -jsq
Recently on Thursday December 16th, State Judge Ronit Walker denied air quality permits for a proposed coal plant in Sandersville, Georgia. Judge Walker cited the Georgia Environmental Protection Divisions failure to properly review permits, and their lack of enforcement of basic Clean Air Act standards for several hazardous emissions.

Flashback to April 27th in Valdosta Georgia when Environmental Protection Division Air Branch Manager Eric Cornwell openly admitted to having NOT READ the air permit application for Wiregrass Biomass LLC’s proposal to build a hotly contested 40mw power plant&emdash; during a Valdosta EPD hearing meant to evaluate those permits.

Today, the Valdosta Industrial Authority is hazardously entrenched

in its position to promote its pet-project, ignoring community concerns and touting these “experts” as the pillars of their work. All in the face of well-documented contrary research and testimony provided by the people they are meant to serve, putting Valdosta’s reputation and potentially tax-payer dollars at risk of future law-suit.

I, for one, would have never chosen to attend school at Valdosta State University, or chosen to be a resident of the Valdosta community if I saw elected officials and Industrial Authority appointees risking life, reputation, and the tax dollars of Valdosta community members. As a Valdosta State University Alumni and former Valdosta resident I hope that city and county elected officials, and Industrial Authority appointees will begin listening to the well researched and documented expertise of the community who are meant to guide their work.