Venice in the Shopping Mall

Got boring retention ponds? Use a little imagination! San Antonio has its Riverwalk, Austin has its creeks and Town Lake, and San Marcos, Texas, has Venetian-style canals in a shopping mall parking lot:

With fountains and bridges:

And bell tower and gondolas, with J. Crew:

These pictures were taken Charles Spurgeon, San Marcos, Texas, 4 Dec 2005. I’ve found others up through about 2007.

It looks like in early 2009 the gondolas got converted into the Remote Boat Marina:

The remote boats even have a facebook fan page.

And the mall still advertises “Gondola Picturesque Fountain Area and bridges available for event and photo background rental”.

Contact: Guest Services
(512) 396-2200 or 1-800-628-9465
3939 IH-35 South
San Marcos, TX 78666

With a little imagination, something can be done with retention ponds to make them attractive and maybe even a revenue generator.