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Georgia Power doubles solar capacity in Dalton, GA

Dalton, the place that had a solar plant bigger and earlier than Valdosta’s. Did Mayor Fretti’s brag about this location being competitive go out with him? Crawford Powell is still a County Commissioner. The Industrial Authority is still supposed to be bringing in industry. The Chamber of Commerce is still supposed to be promoting jobs. If Dublin and Dalton do this, it seems like Valdosta and Lowndes County could….

Dave Williams wrote for the Atlanta Business Chronicle Thursday, Georgia Power tees up next phase of solar plant,

Georgia Power Co. will begin construction soon on a project that will double the generating capacity of the utility’s solar plant in Dalton, Ga., the company announced Thursday.

The first phase of the plant went on line last March and is operating with a capacity of 350 kilowatts.

Construction of the second phase, due to be completed in about two months, will bring the plant up to 700 kilowatts, on its way to a full capacity of 1 megawatt of electricity. One megawatt of solar photovoltaic panels produces enough energy to power about 135 homes.

Let’s see some local leadership!