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Chinese Solar Companies Thrive on Manufacturing Innovations

Here in south Georgia we don’t even need to innovate manufacturing, we merely need to implement. Yet Georgia’s solar manufacturers Suniva and MAGE SOLAR are innovating. And we can innovate in deployment.

Kevin Bullis wrote in MIT Technology Review today, Chinese Solar Companies Thrive on Manufacturing Innovations:

Suntech Power’s CTO argues that the secret to China’s success is not cheap labor but advanced equipment for making solar cells.

Five years ago only one of the 10 largest solar cell producers was based in China. But by last year, four of the top five were based there, and each is growing fast: all four doubled their production last year. It’s widely believed that this success is due to low labor costs, but Stuart Wenham, CTO of the largest solar cell maker in China, Suntech Power, argues that the real causes are advances in manufacturing technology that have improved solar cells’ performance and cut costs.

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