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Senate Farm Bill adds Rural Gigabit Amendment

The U.S. Senate just adopted an amendment to invest in gigabit (1,000 megabit per second) rural broadband networks. Our local leaders need to lobby for the House to pass this, if they are serious about fast affordable Internet service for everyone here. Senator Leahy’s tiny Vermont, with the population of a single Congressional district, is already well along towards gigabit Internet. Our three House members can help get south Georgia on the road to better jobs, education, and health care through better Internet service.

Jennifer Reading wrote today for WCAX, Leahy’s high-speed internet amendment passes,

What I want to make sure is that a rural area can compete the same way an urban area can. It’s actually the argument, the debate that went on before I was even born about whether you had rural electricity, rural telephone or not and if we hadn’t done that much of this country would be a wasteland,” said Sen. Leahy.

Don’t we want that, too?

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RSVP Today for Federal Grants Workshop in Savannah, Oct 26th

Federal Grants Workshop Flyer, Savannah, 2009 Both Georgia Senators are holding a workshop in Savannah Monday October 26th about federal grants. To attend, you must register today, October 22nd. I called Isakson’s office, and the woman who answered the phone said they hold one of these a year. Last year it was in Atlanta, next year she thinks probably Macon. So this year this is the only one.

Hm, I wonder how much of this is stimulus money that these two senators voted against?

Anyway, here’s the text of the press release of 7 October:

Isakson, Chambliss to Host Federal Grants Workshop on October 26 in Savannah

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