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Award to Superintendent of Valdosta Mud Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Some good news about Valdosta wastewater.

City of Valdosta PR, 29 May 2015, Henderson Wins TopOp Award,

Harold Henderson (left) was honored at the May 21 City Council meeting by Mud Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Keith Martin for recently being selected as the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) TopOp for District 7, which represents over 300 wastewater plant operators in the southwest and south-central Georgia region. Henderson, who has worked as an operator at the Mud Creek Plant for over 12 years, was recognized for Continue reading

Tesla opening market for home solar batteries

Elon Musk’s recent reminder that Tesla is working on a house-sized battery has caused quite a stir, but not enough. Tesla alone isn’t the significant part: Tesla opening a market for inexpensive home solar storage methods is. And not all those methods will be batteries: also coming are capacitors, organic vats, compressed air, and water pumped up towers, for storage to car- and house- size to municipal- and utility-scale, all of which will drive solar and wind deployment even faster.

John McDuling, QZ, 30 July 2014, How solar energy storage could make Tesla much more than an automaker,

How lucrative could the solar energy storage business be for Tesla? Almost as lucrative as selling cars.

That’s according to Morgan Stanley, which this week Continue reading

Valdosta receives water treatment award

Rather ironic, wouldn’t you say, what with all the problems at the other end of the water usage pipeline? This award is for treating water as it comes out of the city’s wells.

WCTV posted a City of Valdosta press release yesterday, Valdosta Receives GAWP Water Treatment Plant of the Year Award,

The City of Valdosta Water Treatment Plant has been recognized as the 2013 Water Treatment Plant of the Year by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP).

The plant was recently evaluated by GAWP inspectors on its well field operations, chemical processes and documentation, and scored 90% or better in all areas. City staff will accept the award in the category for groundwater systems that pump over 10 million gallons daily (MGD), at the GAWP Conference in Macon, Ga., on Tuesday April 16.

“Every day,

Continue reading