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I was hurt … from holding the loop stick while the pig pulled, jerked, and squealed out of pain —statement of Amanda Jordan

In this PDF of a statement of 5 May 2010 from Amanda Jordan, she alleges inappropriate use of euthanasia, improper boarding of horses, improper castration of a pig, and resulting physical injury to an employee. She asks for:
“I feel that some detailed financial, paperwork, and computer investigation should be conducted within the Lowndes County Animal Services office. Taxpayer’s dollars are spent to keep these animals of Lowndes County safe, and I’m sure if the citizens of Lowndes County were aware of some of these things they may be very hurt and disgusted with the Board of Commissioners for not making sure the right measures are being taken to do what is right for this office.”

Here is a transcription. -jsq

My Name is Amanda Jordan. From June 2005 to December 2007, I worked for the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners Office with the Animal Services Division. Linda Patelski was the director and my direct supervisor during that time. I enjoyed my job as a shelter attendant dearly. It was such a pleaser to see animals get adopted to new homes or returned to their owners if they were picked up by Animal Control officers.
As rewarding as it was, I also had other jobs that were not as pleasurable. Euthinizing animals were sometimes heartbreaking. While some animals were injured, sick, or feral, others were perfectly healthy and just needed a home. Due to the lack of space in the facility they had to be euthanized. I recall a full term pregnant female dog came into the office. Normally, this would be a reason to put a dog down due to the inability of space to house a mother dog and her puppies. Because this particular mother dog was some sort of small breed and her puppies expected to be small breed Linda Patelski (the director) decided we must keep these puppies for adoption. Even with the risk of diseases they were saved for the adoption room as other healthy dogs were put to sleep to accompany the space for the puppies. The shelter also has
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I think that addresses the issues —Joe Pritchard

In David Rodock’s VDT story on the animal shelter tour Joe Pritchard made the case for cameras:
“It’s no longer a case of an individual making a claim, as it will be evident by the physical evidence provided by the security cameras,” said Pritchard. “The standard operating procedures such as frequency of inspection of the animals and how often an animal will be reviewed or examined, along with the veterinarian care, have been revised to the general procedures set by guidelines of the Department of Agriculture and the animal control ordinance we adopted several years ago.”

“You take that policy, coupled with the updated standard operating procedures, added to the technical verification and I think that addresses the issues,” said Pritchard. “My purpose is to eliminate any problem or potential problem.”

Sounds to me like he’s saying the issues are resolved. Remember, “resolved” is the word Chairman Paulk used a few hours before.

If anyone is interested in watching the watchers, the animal control ordinance is online.


VDT incorporates video into animal shelter tour report

Guess they thought a good time to start in-line YouTube video was when they could show kitties and puppies. Hey, if that gets the VDT doing video, I’m for it!

David Rodock wrote 26 May 2011, Tour of the Lowndes County Animal Shelter

As promised at Tuesday’s Lowndes County Board of Commissioners meeting, the Lowndes County Animal Shelter (LCAS) allowed the public the opportunity Wednesday afternoon to get a behind-the-scenes look at the facility that has recently come under fire.

Employees, both past and present, have accused several shelter employees of inhumane treatment of animals, the mishandling of tranquilizers and illegal operating procedures.

At least two of the speakers at the commission earlier in the day took the tour: Jessica Bryan Hughes and Judy Havercamp.

One of the visitors summed it up: Continue reading

County Animal Shelter Issues —Joe Pritchard @ LCC Work Session 23 May 2011

In his County Manager’s report at the work session this morning, Joe Pritchard reported on:
Issues that I think you’ve heard about… animal shelter.
Presumably the issues reported by David Rodock in the 15 May 2011 Valdosta Daily Times Animal shelter probed Use of drugs investigated; employees speak out and by Gabrielle Sarann for WCTV on 19 May 2011 Lowndes County Animal Shelter Probed: The Georgia Department of Agriculture is keeping an eye on an area animal shelter and has cited it for several violations
“I’ve seen a lot of the animals come in the shelter and not got vet care and sometimes that comes in the form of euthanasia,” says Susan Leavens, an animal control officer for Lowndes County.

This led several Lowndes County Animal Shelter employees to file a complaint with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

It launched an investigation citing the facility for not providing humane care.

Joe Pritchard continued in his report:

August of 2010 the Department of Agriculture called me and asked for a meeting about issues of concern. They expressed those issues centered around maintenance of records … what was classified as humane treatment.
Mr. Pritchard referred to “specific castration of a pot-bellied pig”. He didn’t say whether he considered that inhumane treatment; he merely discussed it after referring to things “classified as humane treatment”.

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