Video and Slides: Budget Hearing @ LCC 2024-06-13

Update 2024-06-23: Packet: Budget, Court Grants, Stream Credits, Debris, Insurance, Vac-Trailer @ LCC 2024-06-24.

If you missed the June 13 Budget Public Hearing, presumably you may get another chance at the next Lowndes County Commission meeting.

The vast majority of revenue for the Lowndes County government comes from taxes.

Most of that comes from property taxes, and almost a third from Local Option Sales Tax (LOST).

Only about a fifth of General Fund expenditures goes to the general government, about an eighth each to Public Works and to Judicial, while a third goes to the Sheriff’s Office.

[LAKE video and Finance Dept. Slides: Budget Hearing @ LCC 2024-06-13]
LAKE video and Finance Dept. Slides: Budget Hearing @ LCC 2024-06-13

Here is the LAKE video of the 9 AM, June 13, 2024, PUBLIC HEARING ON THE PROPOSED FY 2025 BUDGET.

Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE).

The presentation slides, received in response to a LAKE open records request, are on the LAKE website.

They are not yet on the Finance department web page, where the Most Recent document is the operating budget for fiscal year 2024 (not 2025).

Images of each of the 15 FY 2025 budget slides are below.



Budget Comparison by Fund

[General Fund and Special Revenue Funds]
General Fund and Special Revenue Funds

General Fund Overview



[Budget Highlights]
Budget Highlights


[General Fund Revenues (pie chart)]
General Fund Revenues (pie chart)


[General Fund Expenditures (pie chart)]
General Fund Expenditures (pie chart)


[Where does you money go? (table)]
Where does you money go? (table)


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