Private Roads, Alcohol, and Water: Lowndes County Commission Packet @ LCC 2019-08-26

Received Wednesday, after the Lowndes County Commission voted on it Tuesday evening, the board packet is on the LAKE website. Apparently the County Clerk’s office is going to wait the full three days after an open records request to press the button to forward the packet. So we’ll be sure to send requests more than three days before the Regular Session.

The drainage easement agreement with Lake Park did not have a map. The abandonment of part of Ivandale Circle did:

[Survey Plat, Hammock Hill Heights]
Survey Plat, Hammock Hill Heights

There was also a map with the copiously documented Beer, Wine, and Liquor license:

[Location Map, 2603 Madison Hwy]
Location Map, 2603 Madison Hwy

Almost half the packet is about the Updated Title VI Plan for Lowndes County Transit, aka the MIDS on-demand van service, including these three Demographic Maps, which explain some local politics:

[Minority Population by Block Group]
Minority Population by Block Group

[Limited English Proficiency by Block Group]
Limited English Proficiency by Block Group

[Population Below Poverty Level by Block Group]
Population Below Poverty Level by Block Group

More in a later post on the Adoption of the Millage Rate.


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