No agenda and no Lowndes County Commission website @ LCC 2018-02-26

They published no agenda for their recent planning session, and today their website is down before their 8:30 AM Work Session, so if there’s an agenda on it, nobody can see it. Gretchen is going there anyway, to see if they are doing anything.

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Five years ago, Industrial Authority Executive Director Andrea Schruijer said:

It’s not that we’re saying we don’t have broadband. We have connectivity; that’s not the issue. We have great partners that help us with that.

The next week, February 25, 2013, was down. Just like today.

In October 2013, County Chairman Bill Slaughter said,

We have broadband!

One year ago, he said:

We can’t wait on someone else to do something, we are going to have to move forward.

So far this forward motion is hard to see.


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