Batteries vs. fossil fuels

Another battery entry, Ambri with a liquid metal battery and $50 million startup funding, understands it’s the battery market vs. fossil fuels. And batteries plus sun, wind, and water power will win.

Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 4 June 2015, Want To Build A Better Battery? Don’t Talk To Battery Experts,

Like Tesla’s Powerpack, Ambri’s liquid-metal battery is designed to provide grid-level storage that can supplement intermittent renewables like solar and wind, making a grid that depends on renewables as reliable as one that depends on fossil fuels or nuclear reactors.

Wednesday night, [Ambri founder MIT Professor Donald] Sadoway welcomed Tesla’s entry to the grid-level battery industry. The competition, he said, is not between batteries, but between batteries and fossil fuels.

We don’t even need big desert solar plants. We can do it with much smaller solar farms right here and even faster right on our own rooftops: we can have our own energy system.

Think of the economic boost from stopping spending 6% of world GDP on fossil fuels!

And remember: because it will prevent wars for oil and make our country more resilient, solar power is patriotic and good for national security!

With the new solar financing law, Georgia can help the sun rise.