Board of Elections listened

One precinct off the list for closing, but what about others? And what’s this about an unannounced change to the date of a publicly-announced meeting of the Board of Elections?

After several people went to the 8 July 2014 Special Called Board of Elections Meeting that I found in the VDT Public Notice listings, and some of them talked to that board and to Lowndes County Commissioners, apparently somebody listened. According to Lowndes County Elections Supervisor Deb Cox to Lowndes County Democratic Party Elections Chair Dennis Marks 13 July 2014:

Mildred Hunter is not being considered for consolidation. Deb

However, she did not say what other precincts might still be slated for consolidation.

Rumor has it that the Board of Elections meeting of the public announcement for 22 July 2014 has been changed to 9AM 18 July 2014. However, there is no public announcement of this supposed change, and no confirmation from Deb Cox.

Why is there any need to keep changing precincts every year?