Fire engine sinkhole in Atlanta

I wonder if their insurance covered this? TV reporter wonders if sewer lines were affected. What if a methane pipeline had been there, like when Florida Gas Transmission called the 25-acre sinkhole in Louisiana “Force Majeure”, or an act of God, or not their fault? Will your insurance cover sinkholes or broken pipelines?

AP in the AJC 3 March 2014, Atlanta fire engine stuck in sinkhole,

Department spokeswoman Janet Ward told local outlets that the sinkhole on Ashby Grove opened as the truck was driving along the street Monday afternoon. Ward estimates that the hole was about 8 feet long, 6 feet wide and 5 feet deep.

Marcus K. Garner wrote for the AJC yesterday Atlanta firetruck gets stuck in sinkhole,

The cause of the sinkhole is unknown at this time.

Leaking sewer or water line, overpumping, other?

Julie Wolfe reported for 11alive yesterday, Atlanta fire truck stuck in sinkhole,

Spokesman Janet Ward tells 11Alive the ladder truck truck from Station 1 was not responding to a call when it hit a sinkhole on Ashby Grove. The fire truck from Station No. 1 as stuck was stuck for about 40 minutes.

Ward says the sinkhole was roughly eight feet long, six feet wide and five feet deep. It opened up beneath the back wheels. The truck was pulled out of the hole by a tow truck, suffering minor damage.

On-site reporter Devin Fehely said local residents worried their homes would be affected and whether the street’s sewer line had been damaged.