WALB on Spectra about that AL-GA-FL natural gas pipeline

Maps and video about that pipeline public hearing in Dougherty County. Spectra does have per-county maps and has finally doled them out. What did Lee County do to make the pipeline avoid it entirely? And what about Georgians even getting to use that natural gas?

Devin Knight wrote for WALB Sep 16, 2013 6:14 PM EDT Updated: Sep 21, 2013 6:14 PM EDT, Dougherty County residents ask for pipeline to be re-routed,

“Why not go ahead and put a tap in, or whatever you call it so we could utilize that gas instead of just being a transit through our area,” Lyle said.

WALB didn’t record an answer, but stay tuned, Spectra heard him.

Unfortunately, Commissioner Lyle is also now singing Spectra’s tune:

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will have the ultimate say on the route, but commissioners want affected residents to speak up.

“They’ll be contacted by Sabal Transmission employees about surveying and talking to them. So they don’t need to just resist the project, they need to offer valid alternative,” said Lyle.

It’s a $3 billion project yet local landowners should do Spectra’s mapping work for it? Here’s a valid alternative: install solar panels instead, for local power for local Georgians, with no risk to the environment, and much less land affected.

In Dougherty County, their second public hearing is coming up:

A public hearing on the project will be held in the first week of October. Other public meetings will be scheduled in December and at the beginning of the year.

When will Lowndes County Commissioners schedule public hearings here?


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