Path of proposed pipeline through Lowndes County

That pipeline that starts in PCB-polluted Anniston, Alabama, where would it cross Lowndes County?

Two routes, one north to south, another from Brooks County southeast to the Florida line.

Pipeline points with streets Pipeline points with imagery

On this google map, A is the land mentioned in Massive pipeline project may cross Lowndes, by Jason Schaeffer, VDT, 30 June 2013, B, C, and D several of the parcels listed in the letters Sabal Trail Transmission LLC sent Lowndes County (another is very near D). They all form pretty much a straight line north to south. The actual route probably doesn’t go through downtown Valdosta; that’s just where google maps guesstimated road directions. Where does would it go? We don’t know. Maybe we should.

And E is the location from the slightly later letters to Lowndes County that included the map with two path options. E appears to be on the path of Option A while A-D are on the path of Option B. And Option A on the map seems to come in from Brooks County, which explains why I hear a lawndowner in Brooks County say he also got such a letter.

Maybe some of our elected or appointed officials could do this exercise and plot these paths for us? Maybe they could even insist that Sabal Trail Transmission publish a real map showing the actual proposed paths?