Solar Music City Center, Nashville, Tennessee

Valdosta has a larger solar installation than Nashville, Tennessee, but Valdosta’s is hidden away at the Mud Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant while Nashville’s biggest is on its new Music City Center. Which do you think shows the most leadership, and will attract the most business?

In Lightwave Solar’s May 2013 newsletter, LightWave Completes Music City Center Solar Project,

LightWave Solar recently completed the installation of a 211 kilo-watt (kW) solar system for the Music City Center, and it is the largest solar installation in Nashville.

Installed within the guitar shaped structure on the roof, the system consists of 845 solar panels and four inverters weighing 1,800 pounds each. The system will generate approx. 271,000 kilowatt-hours per year, enough electricity to power the electric vehicle charging stations and lighting for the building. Over 25 years, the clean electricity will offset nearly 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of taking 920 cars off the road.

“This project shows great leadership on behalf of the city,” said Steve Johnson, President of LightWave Solar. “We applaud the mayor’s vision in making Nashville a more sustainable city with a bright future.”

And leadership can extend even beyond solar into water and habitat:

The solar panels are accompanied by a 175,000 square-foot green roof designed to mimic the rolling hills of Tennessee. Local sustainability consulting firm, Wilmot, Inc., recommended the green roof for storm water management, insulation and habitat restoration.

Any of this could be done right here in Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia.