Food as tourism: Buffalo now has a “brewery district”

It’s not all fracking shutdowns in Buffalo; now for some good news: food and drink as tourism. We could do that!

Don Postles wrote for WIVB yesterday, Brewery district” now open for tours,

Downtown Buffalo is looking to attract more visitors, and a new concept called the Buffalo Brewing District could be the answer.

The district features the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Hotel Lafayette and the Lofts on Pearl property, which are lofts in the J.A. Webb building, which was built in 1878.

The lofts include 32-boutique suites plus banquet and meeting space below. Tourism partners from the U.S. and Canada hope these and other attractions will draw more visitors from both sides of the border.

Pearl Street Grill Managing Partner Earl Ketry said, “Our goal is not to try to reach out and grab customers from a Clarence, or East Aurora; we believe the marketing opportunity is to the Pittsburghs, the Clevelands, the Chicagos, and that’s our intent. We’re being extremely collaborative with Canada, and that’s our goal.”

Hm, here on I-75 Valdosta (and Hahira, and Lake Park, and Remerton, and Dasher) could reach out to Atlanta and Orlando and yes, Cleveland and Canada by advertising, no, not Breadsticks; by advertising local food and goods at local restaurants and stores. We already have the local establishments, and a start on local food, especially with Valdosta Farm Days. Hey, somebody could even open a brew pub!