Valdosta LMIG resurfacing and transparency

The City of Valdosta almost wins for transparency about some upcoming road resurfacing work, except the details are in some Windows-only non-web format.

20 August 2012, In the City This Week, Aug. 20-25, 2012,
Aug. 20: LMIG Work Continues Today. The street resurfacing made possible through a Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) will continue Aug. 20 with the removal and replacement of curb and gutter on a dozen designated streets in the city. Road resurfacing of these streets is scheduled to begin on Aug. 27. Click here for more information.

That leads to Project News and Updates which has a link LMIG Resurfacing Schedule and Desiginated Areas which gets:

You have chosen to open
which is a: BIN file (63.9 KB)
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And that’s actually a ZIP file containing a bunch of XML files. We should trust Valdosta’s website enough to be secure that we should download random ZIP files? Fail!

Gretchen decoded that ZIP bomb and sent it in plain text, which I include here. My question is: why didn’t Valdosta simply put it on the web that way to start with?


Street Resurfacing — The street resurfacing made possible through a Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) will begin the week of August 20th with the removing and replacement of curb and gutter in designated areas with road resurfacing to begin on August 27th.  This work will take approximately five weeks to complete (weather permitting) and will consist of curb and gutter repair (if applicable), base repair, milling of existing asphalt, leveling, root removal new asphalt road course and other related work.  Motorists should use extreme caution and pay close attention to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic while driving in these areas. Reames and Sons Construction Company will be working in the areas listed below during the five week period.

Week 1 — August 27
Old Lake Park Road — (Old Statenville to Bunche Drive)
Southwood Drive — (Morningside Drive to Bethune Street)
Marion Street — (Vollotton Drive to E. Moore Street)
Week 2 — September 3
Euclid Street — (Forrest Street to end)
Northside Drive — (Forrest Street to Jaycee Shack Road)
Week 3 — September 10
Habersham Road — (Bemiss Road to Clayton Drive)
Brookfield Drive — (Murray Road to Justin Drive)
Week 4 — September 17
Country Club Road — (197’ north of Noble Way to Trotters Way)
Hillendale Road — (Rolling Road to Pebblewood Drive)
Week 5 — September 25
Slater Street — (College Street to end)
N Toombs Street — (Magnolia Street to W Gordon Street)

2 thoughts on “Valdosta LMIG resurfacing and transparency

  1. George Boston Rhynes

    Thanks you so much for keeping us informed and it is still a disgrace that our elected officials cannot publish their meetings to all citizens. When will our Mayor; Council and County Commissioners start informing all the citizens and not just a select few of conservatives?
    When will it all end? The time has come for change to take place in Valdosta for the good of all citizens and visitors. We need and should demand television, radio, internet and other means of distributing information to citizens.
    How sad in 2012?

  2. LoveyDoveyBlogger

    Well hello there!
    It’s great that you have provided such timely and up-to-date information, that was really useful to take this all into account, thanks a lot for sharing!

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