North Troop Street Police

Received 15 July 2012. I hope to have time to watch all these videos. -jsq

This is information from the word on the streets of Valdosta, Georgia and the half I am told has not been told. We the people have a right to know what is going on in our beloved community and no American Citizens should live in fear in 2012. What say you?

Valdosta Daily Times Troop Street Arrest:

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7. Unreported truth and who in the United States of America?

8. Citizens speaking out because they are tired of no justice!



GEORGE BOSTON RHYNES A concerned citizen and retired military veteran Valdosta, Georgia

Comments from the times: Rlphmoss

Twenty year-old Mary Turner, 8 months pregnant at the time and whose husband had been killed in this “lynching rampage” on Sunday, May 19th, made the mistake of publicly objecting to her husband’s murder. She also had the audacity to threaten to swear out warrants for those responsible. Those “unwise remarks,” as the area papers put it, enraged locals. Consequently, Mary Turner fled for her life only to be caught and taken to a place called Folsom’s Bridge on the Brooks and Lowndes Counties’ shared border. To punish her, at Folsom’s Bridge the mob tied Mary Turner by her ankles, hung her upside down from a tree, poured gasoline on her and burned off her clothes. One member of the mob then cut her stomach open and her unborn child dropped to the ground where it was reportedly stomped on and crushed. Her body was then riddled with gunfire from the mob. Later that night she and her baby were buried ten feet away from where they were murdered. The makeshift grave was marked with only a “whiskey bottle” with a “cigar” stuffed in its neck. Three days after the murder of Mary Turner and her baby, three more bodies were found in the area and Sydney Johnson was killed in a shoot out with police on South Troup Street in Valdosta, Georgia. Once killed, the crowd of more than 700 people cut off his genitals and threw them into the street. A rope was then tied to his neck and he was drug to Campground Church in Morven, Georgia, 16 miles away. There, what remained of his body was burned. During and shortly after this chain of events, it is reported that more than 500 people fled Lowndes and Brooks Counties in fear for their lives.Some may ask, why bring up “the past” and these atrocities now? “It happened so long ago.” We think we should bring them up and face them for many reasons. We should bring them up to acknowledge the lives lost, along with the reality that no justice has ever occurred for the victims, families and many others affected by these events. We should bring them up because few in the region speak publicly about these events yet wonder why race relations in the area are often so strained. We should bring them up because to date these events remain one of the most gruesome cases of racism and racial terrorism in this nation’s history, yet they are omitted from the history we teach our children. We should bring them up because Mary Turner’s murder remains one of the most horrific crimes committed against a human being in this nation’s history. We should bring them up because so far not one historical marker or grave stone is in place to acknowledge these events and the lives lost during that week of terror in May of 1918. And last but not least, we should bring these events up so we can face our collective past in order to see how it might affect our collective present and future. Please help us do that. To find out what you can do please email us.

See the many comments on the Valdosta Daily Times Home Page….GBR

July 13, 2012
George Boston Rhynes (229-251-8645)
Valdosta, Georgia 31605