Where is SGMC in state hospital summit?

AP wrote yesterday, Hospital CEOs to discuss state of care in Ga.,

The chief executives of three major Georgia hospitals are getting together to discuss the future of health care in the state.

Probably a good idea. Which hospitals?

CEOs scheduled to sit on the panel are Tim Stack of Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Don Faulk of Central Georgia Health System in Macon and Maggie Gill of Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah.

Where is SGMC CEO Randy Sauls? What about what he described on 5 April 2012:

“…the vast array of services offered at SGMC. We are a progressive hospital with many services that are unique to South Georgia.”

So who organized the hospital CEO discussions?

The Executive Forum, an outreach program of Mercer University’s business school, will host the hospital CEOs….

Hm, maybe VSU could host some hospital CEOs. Maybe unlike Mercer’s Forum, they could make the discussion open to the public. Maybe even invite questions from the public.