The trash issue: what was decided? —Gretchen Quarterman @ LCC 2012-04-24

Lowndes County unincorporated area residents may or may not be forced to buy curbside trash pickup, or something, sometime, but the county isn’t answering questions about that.

In Citizens Wishing to Be Heard at the 24 April 2012 Lowndes County Commission Regular Session, Gretchen Quarterman wanted to know what had been decided at the retreat or elsewhere about the trash question. Will we have to get curbside pickup? Did the county look to see what surrounding counties do? Might the county survey citizens for their opinions? Could we have a special garbage tax district for those who wanted to use the current trash deposit areas, similar to the special lighting tax districts the county has repeatedly approved? She got no answers to any of her questions other than Commissioner Joyce Evans shaking her head at that last one.

So we don’t know what the county has decided, if anything, nor when they will decide it, nor how they are collecting citizen input (if at all).