Who profits from CCA’s private prisons?

Who profits from taxpayer dollars that support private prisons? Here’s one example: CCA’s CEO.

Jakada Imani wrote for HuffPost 23 February 2012, Private Prisons Profit From Pain,

CCA’s CEO Damon Hininger stands to benefit should the states provide him with prisons well-stocked with prisoners. In 2010, for example, his total compensation equaled $3,266,387.
That would be Damon Hininger, number 4 on America’s 20 Most Powerful CEOs 40 And Under (by Jacquelyn Smith, 14 February 2012).
4. Damon T. Hininger
Corrections Corporation of America
Market cap: $2.83 billion
Age: 40
Industry: Property management
How do you like that euphemism? “Property management.” Does that refer to the real estate, or to the prisoners? Or maybe to captive local government agencies that cede CCA “absolute discretion”?