Selling Solar Power in Richmond Hill: Lower Rates for Customers LLC 2012 02 17

While Georgia Power invokes forty-year-old territoriality laws to try to prevent you from selling or buying solar power with whomever you want to, Drs. Sidney Smith and Pat Godbey continue to open new solar power installations, this time in Richmond Hill, Georgia last Friday.

Dr. Sidney Smith said the new installation lowers the customer’s electricity rate and doesn’t raise it for two years.

The emailed invitation:

Lower Rates for Customers LLC celebrates the second installation of selling power to South Eastern Pathology Associates at 1pm Friday February 17th at the Georgia Skin and Cancer Clinic located at 9665 Ford Avenue Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324.

Join us to celebrate the expansion of our company in Bryan County as we lower the power bills for another customer. We will continue to lower our customers electric bills by 1% and fix their rates for two years.

We look forward to seeing you.

Dr. Sidney Smith and Dr. Pat Godbey

I don’t think Georgia Power is going to offer that rate, are they? No, I don’t think so.
But that’s just the start.
What we’re doing though is we’re creating a system where this communicates with software. What our real goal is is to go to south Georgia farmers and say put solar panels on your property, and we’ll connect those to the grid. Sell power through the grid, and we’ll give credit to somebody else in the state who wants it.
He gave an example.
If you live in Atlanta, you don’t have any property to put solar panels on, do you? I think there’s are a lot of people in Atlanta who would like to rent some property right now, don’t you think?

How about if you could actually, out in the county, have an income that would last forever? That would be an investment that you could make today, that a generation in the future would be able to take advantage of. And the possibility of that happening is real.

The only thing that stands between that happening, and our future being very different, is legislation. They’re actually passing some bills now, that solidify the fact that I can put this on this property.

Georgia Power right now…

Georgia Power opposes SB 401, which is the bill Dr. Smith was referring to.

If you want SB 401 to pass, you can sign the petition or call your state senator.

Here’s the video:

Selling Solar Power in Richmond Hill: Lower Rates for Customers LLC 2012 02 17
South Eastern Pathology Associates,
Selling Power, Lower Rates for Customers LLC (LRCLLC),
Richmond Hill, Bryan County, Georgia, 17 February 2012.
Videos by Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.


3 thoughts on “Selling Solar Power in Richmond Hill: Lower Rates for Customers LLC 2012 02 17

  1. Robert Nagle

    Shouldn’t Georgia Power be delighted folks are adding to the electrical infrastructure? If they have to buy less of the raw materials to generate power, shouldn’t they be happy about that and pass the savings along to the customers?
    I’m confused. Is Georgia Power a utility monopoly? Or is it actually a for-profit entity, trying to protect their market share?

  2. Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

    It’s both, and that’s the conflict.
    If you were making a big profit on what you know how to do (dirty coal), plus you just got cleared to pass through any cost overruns on your latest old-style nuke gamble, would you want any upstarts horning into your market?

  3. Susan

    Wilmington Island please. I would be delighted to let you put a solar array pole anywhere in m front or back yard. We are a one street cul de sac subdivision/ Penn station perfect place to showcase residential use.

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