Valdosta water project on county land, with no city or county approval

It seems the City of Valdosta is installing a mile of water and sewwer pipe on county land without approval or prior knowledge of the Lowndes County government. Or, cats and dogs not playing well together. And, given that the Valdosta City Council apparently didn’t approve it either, cats not playing well together. Who is in charge of herding the cats?

David Rodock wrote in the VDT 23 November 2011, City project on county land

Without City Council approval, the installation of 5,600 linear feet of water/sewer pipe is being installed on Racetrack Road, at the very edge of annexed City property.
County says City didn’t notify. City says did.

This part is particularly interesting:

City Engineer Pat Collins said they had sent the county a letter and had not started on the project. He also said the city hoped to bring the project before council on Dec. 8, so they could make use of approximately 1,000 feet of 12 inch pipe leftover from a previous project.
So “not started” apparently includes digging ditches and installing 12 inch water mains. And “approval” means ask the Valdosta City Council after that’s already been done. And never ask the Lowndes County Commission, despite this project being on county land.

Not to worry, there’s a familiar excuse: blame the contractor!

When contacted by the Times on Tuesday, however, Collins said that he had learned that Radney Plumbing had gone ahead with the project without permission from City Council or the engineering office.

“Somebody told Tommy Radney to get started but I have no idea who,” said Collins. “He knew we were taking it to council, but he wasn’t authorized to work.”

So, um, who is in charge of such projects at the City of Valdosta?


4 thoughts on “Valdosta water project on county land, with no city or county approval

  1. Barbara Stratton

    This issue has a lot of peculiararities. The city engineer was quoted as saying he hoped Radney Plumbing, Inc. could be chosen for the project since the company had provided them a low price on similar work. Whatever happened to the bid procedure that is supposed to proceed any new construction activity regardless of personal preferences. Is this an impromptu public/private partnership where bidding gives way to cronyism? Oops, seems like I recently read that PPP’s were now being called beneficial corporations. Either way they are blatant fascism (mixing government & private business)& we don’t need them in Lowndes County. Under proper bidding procedures it would have been imposible for a contractor to have been given a go ahead by any mythical person. The project is expected to cost $132,000 of tax payer money & I think we deserve proper bid procedures to be certain we are getting maximum benefit from our expenditures.
    I have no comment on the statement the pipe needed to be put in the ground so it would not go to waste other than I never new water/sewer pipe had a short expiraton date. Perhaps we should ask how so many feet of pipe were left over from another project since I’m sure 12″ pipe is not cheap. Does our project estimator need to sharpen his pencil?
    It seems County Commission Chairman Paulk questions “the wisdom of spending that much taxpayer money without any prospect of income in the near future’. I’m glad someone is concerned about the taxpayers. Since it has been acknowledged we citizens have an interest in the obvious four way fiasco between city, county, private contractor & private landowners,I trust the VDT will continue to keep us informed of all the facts as they surface.

  2. Barbara Stratton

    I consider T-Rad a long time personal friend as well as other persons mentioned in the VDT article. My concern is with the intergovernmental confusion and lack of bidding procedures. While I am determindly against any public/private partnerships in Lowndes County per my comments, I have no personal antagonism against any individuals.

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